Does your offer say “we care”?

By November 19, 2014Blog

We spend so much of our time as designers making things better and improving customer experiences. Making sure that our designs max out profit, beat the competition…. But then while away charging the batteries while not thinking of profit and design we come across the perfect coffee experience…

Nanny's caresWelcome to Nanny’s in Shieldaig The experience started with a drive to the middle of nowhere, pulling over for a break and BOOM: everything adds up.

Here is a coffee shop that immediately shows it and its owner care. Nanny’s does not care because it has to, Nanny’s cares because it wants to. Nanny’s wants you to have the perfect coffee experience.

Nanny’s has a great menu that shows that you, the customer, are all important. It’s all in the detail (as is design). A real bug bear of ours are menus with no veggie options. This doesn’t mean we think everyone should not eat meat (some of our team do and some don’t). You are not going to upset meat eaters with v’s in your menu, you are going to please vegetarians with v’s, BUT you are going to show everyone that you care, (take a leaf out of Nanny’s book, “world famous”, Eilean Donan Castle… that’s another blog but it’s not for now).

Nanny's caresTo further back up the customer experience at Nanny’s there is branding, (tastefully done), an intimate interior and perfect outdoor furniture, in keeping with the offer and surroundings. Nanny’s show the market has been thought about. Nanny says, “we care about you, our customers”.

The produce being sold at Nanny’s is fresh and its all good quality. Perfect for making you want to treat yourself, feel special, enjoy the company and the surroundings, (very picturesque surroundings at that!).

As professionals we visit lots of coffee shops, and drink lots of coffee, but this was different.


Because here is a coffee shop that is not competing against all and sundry, chains, pubs, restaurants, etc, for your coffee £ and yet it takes time to select and serve quality coffee, uses the right furniture, has the right welcome, presents the right ambiance; all because Nanny’s care about you, they care about how you feel, and they care about the experience you have.

Nanny's caresWe spend hours instilling these values into projects. We at Spencer Swinden do this to maximise the returns of venues and here is Nanny’s, in the tiniest of hamlets, at the top of a winding tiny road and they have got it right.

They care. Do you?

Does your offer really say, “we care?”.

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