We love the Aussie eco Christmas tree

By December 3, 2014Blog

Australian graphic designers Buro North claim their plywood Christmas tree is “80% more environmentally friendly” than a traditional fir or spruce. Available in three sizes, the flat-packed tree can be used year after year. Buro North state their ‘Green’ christmas tree is 80% more environmentally friendly as it is made with environmentally aware ingredients, that are CNC routered (a low-energy production technique) with waste material minimised by design. The designers boast that the flat-packed tree is emissions-efficient to transport and can be used for many a Christmas to come.


Flat-pack eco Christmas treeFlat-pack eco Christmas treetree 5We agree that in place of plastic artificial trees this is a great improvement environmentally, but how can a plywood tree be better for the environment that a spruce or fir that adds to the environment when composted and recycled?


They even did a life cycle assessment report. We’re not sure this is the future of sustainable living but we love the design!


Flat-pack eco Christmas tree