We are Spencer Swinden


We are 100% dedicated to delivering profitable results for our clients. We do this through combining a truly individual design solution with a highly commercial focus. Whether clients are sole traders or large brands, we understand that profitability is vital.

We are a full service interior design agency that uses the best partners in the business to achieve the best results for you and your customers.

Everything we do has a well-thought-out purpose and is crafted to inspire customers. It gets people talking and it creates business, loyalty and positive reviews. We ensure all elements work together to give customers a good feeling and a reason to return.

Considered design gives each space more energy and makes it more social, so people feel good and enjoy their time together even more. It’s considered craft that creates comfort, contentment and great conversations.

We’re a nationally respected, award-winning interior design brand, with a diverse portfolio, that retains the passionate soul we started with.

Melony Spencer


Mel is eloquent and easy going, with a lightening laugh and a wonderfully warm nature. She is trained in engineering and art alike, and can build you a bridge, a brand, a building, a bar or anything in-between. She knows about structural design and aesthetic allure. She knows about customers, customer experience, and the psychology behind it to create conscious and subconscious connections that make a place feel alive. She knows about empathy and how to make people smile.

She’s like the guy out of A Beautiful Mind (except without the schizophrenia), because she can go into a building and immediately envisage how it should be. She has the vision to transform anything. She is a registered Growth Accelerator Coach, which means she is qualified to help your business continue to grow.

Mel is creative, an artist, designer and experience-crafter. But what sets her apart from others is her knowledge and understanding of all the technical geeky stuff about building plans, restrictions, laws, and architecture. She knows the whole shebang.

She’s fun to speak to, she’s down to earth, she’s a listener, and she likes to laugh and inspire people through her work.

This is more than interior design. This is business,
psychology, art, science and a lot of fun too.

Our Values


We see opportunity, look at details and use creative magic to make things come alive and excite customers.


We love what we do and we want to impress the hell out of everyone who sees our work. Every detail matters, in business, and design, but above all with people.

Enjoy life

We really enjoy our work and make sure our staff and clients enjoy it too. We have a laugh. It’s not just about the final work, the journey is just as important. We want everyone to have some fun on the way.

What this means

We create spaces you’ll want to explore and interiors you’ll want to investigate.

We create and realise intelligent design that brings vibrant soul to social space in every single job. It makes people happy and makes great business.

The venues we design are the sort of places we love to go to: great pubs, cafes, hotels, and restaurants. They are places where we invite our friends to forget the hassles of life, to have a laugh and to set the world to rights.

We create places where you invite someone on a first date, or where you decide to celebrate big occasions.

We create experiences. Our designs welcome people that bring life to every venue and help to make good times happen.