We don’t just help you with interior design, we help you with your entire business. We look at every detail and offer our experience and expertise to advise on how your business can be transformed to dramatically increase turnover and reinvigorate or reinvent your venue.

For us the devil’s in the detail.


We get to know you. We get to know your venue. We get to know about the customers you have and the customers you want to have.

It’s an exciting time for us to get to know you, your venue and the challenge at hand. It gives us the chance to gain insight into exactly how your particular business works, and what your objectives and design requirements are.

We ask about what’s important to you, your competition, audience and demographics, timings and budget. It gives you a chance to see what we’re like as people and for us to show you how we can transform your turnover.


Once we’ve know your vision and your needs, we set to work on feasibility aspects.

We liaise with planners, technical providers and local authorities. We also consider factors such as minimising or negating the environmental impact of the building, and energy efficiency to reduce running costs.

When this is complete we provide you with a hard copy of the plan drawing with all feasibility aspects highlighted, which shows what the space will look like and the benefit it will have.


Once the vision is viable we come up with ideas and examples to create a picture of how your venue can be transformed and how we will meet and exceed your needs.

This is where we tap into Mel’s talent as a Growth Accelerator Coach to address and understand the target audience and venue objectives. We put together mood boards that give a look and feel for materials and elements we think will work, and present this along with an implementation plan.

This creates a clear image for you of how your venue will look along with a clear plan on how we’ll get there.

Project Plans

We compile and provide a full technical specification that shows a breakdown of production. This is a schedule that says what will be done and when.

We provide details on finishing materials, drawings, elevations, details and specifications. It’s a detailed plan of action for your scheme and a blueprint for the project through to completion.

Project Management

From concept to completion we oversee the transformation of your space. We work as a team and with partners and contractors to ensure the project is on time, on budget and exactly as planned.

When the job is complete we introduce you to your new space. We help you plan service and branding and ensure every last detail is covered so it can be effectively maintained, from paint numbers to a list of product suppliers.

Ongoing Support

Something that sets us apart is the ongoing support we provide. We create the right environment and the best service for your business, but we know this has to be maintained and evolved as your business grows. As customer numbers increase or trends change, we help you to keep the standards high and the offering adaptable and always just right for the people you serve.

If you want to know anything more about our process or any particular stage, then please give us a call or drop us an email.