A popular restaurant, cocktail bar and club in Old Stevenage designed to cater for those looking to eat, drink, relax, and dance.

A transformation into an elegant, contemporary venue with a hint of art deco influence, from daytime dining to evening cocktails and cool clubbing.

The Need

The brief was to turn around the existing fortunes of what was a moderately trading late night venue with a reputation as an ‘end of the night’ destination. Through the design and interior appeal, our role was to increase consideration for the day time and early evening trade but which then transformed into the late night venue. This would mean that flexibility of the whole venue needed to be examined and designed to adapt to every scenario. The project consisted of updating the entire ground floor and club room.

The Solution

As a result of the new scheme Cinnabar is truly a chameleon venue and profits have tripled since the launch. It seamlessly flips from daytime lunch/brunch to early evening cocktails with the addition of the new gin bar, whilst still attracting the late night crowd. New life has been breathed into the venue with a scheme which not only strengthens their brand but is an appealing environment for the whole day.

Designed for sharing and socialising, with a flexible layout and intimate booth areas; Cinnabar offers an elegant venue with versatility throughout the day.

A popular restaurant, cocktail bar and club

56-58 High St,
Old Town,

01438 340202

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