Turning a tired venue with great food into a gastropub
with rural chic décor to make it look and feel better by a country mile.

A design refresh to appeal to existing customers and create a great
impression with new ones, and turn a good pub into an exceptional pub.

The Need

The owners of The Crown, Paul and Janet Wallman, asked us to help bring a tired venue to life. It was previously a chain pub with no character or aesthetic appeal at all.

They had created a strong business when they took over, by offering exceptionally good food that impressed tourists and made local customers come back for more. Due to this financially they were doing well and weren’t looking for new customers, but instead wanted to create a look and feel inside that would match the level of their cuisine.

The old saying tells us not to judge a book by its cover, but the truth is that people do judge a pub by first impressions, so the interior could not be inferior.

The Insight

Most of the projects we take on focus on using ingenious design to draw in a new customer base and to boost revenue, but The Crown already had regulars and was financially doing well.

As such, we needed to find a way to create synergy between the offer, the interior, the exterior and the quality of the food, whilst continuing to engage the varied but predominately professional customer base.

Paul and Janet were sympathetic to the history of the building, and wanted to ensure the new design highlighted the old rustic elements of the space, and not mask them.

The Journey

The Crown journey

The Solution

As with all venues, particularly old classic venues, it was important to consider the history of the environment of both the structure and the community. We were conscious not to change the venue radically. Instead, we created a space in which the interior design could complement the existing characteristics.

The solution was not to reposition but refresh the venue with country chic, hunting elements and details and fabrics that raised the standard, such as timber boarding throughout and an open fire, antique grandfather clock, mismatched vintage chairs and homely bric-a-brac that created the perfect feel.

As with all projects, it was not without its unique challenges. Contractors were unable to meet the time constraints they had set themselves and this meant that we had to work through the night and stay on site on many occasions. Our presence and lack of sleep paid off and we were able to provide The Crown with the interior they needed.

As Paul testified on the completion of the project, The Crown is now ‘”a venue you can be proud to invite your friends to’’, and due to the success of the project, we’re now developing this theme through to their newly built hotel.

Rustic refresh

We drew inspiration from country living and hunting themes. This meant we used timber extensively, as well as artwork, details and fabrics that have a comfortable and warm, yet distinguished feel to them.

First impressions

We refreshed The Crown so that customers who entered would feel a sense of real quality as soon as they stepped through the door. This meant that anyone new to the pub and unaware of the food offering would be impressed.

Hard work

We worked through the night to deliver the project on time and on budget. We believe in great design, but we also believe in hard work and high standards.

Great results

We did not transform the venue, but bought all aspects together to create a synergy and premium feel that has increased customer loyalty and turnover and won a Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2013. Due to the success of our work we have now been commissioned to complete the newly built hotel element of this great venue.

 We turned The Crown from promising to perfect.

The proof is in the pudding (/chips)

We believe in our work. We think you should take a look for yourself and feel the difference that our soulful design brings.

The Crown,
2 High St,
SG16 6BS.

01462 812433

Mel’s top tip: You must try the hand cut chips; they’ve won an award as the best in Britain!